About our Chapter

National Charity League, Inc. is a mother-daughter organization dedicated to serving the communities in which Chapters are formed and to fostering the mother-daughter relationship. Our goal is to promote a sense of community responsibility in our daughters and strengthen the mother-daughter relationship. The daughters along with their mothers participate in a 6-year educational program of philanthropic work, educational activities, leadership training, and cultural events.

Philanthropic Work

Each Chapter of National Charity League, Inc. considers the local communities needs and then selects philanthropies to support. Support comes in the form of time and organizational skills and may involve fundraising at the Chapter’s discretion. A comprehensive list of our Chapter’s philanthropies can be found on our Chapter website (https://members.nationalcharityleague.org).

Educational Opportunities

Educational opportunities are designed to teach our daughters to be self-assured in social settings, to demonstrate good manners and to respect others. Many of the program focus topics at the monthly meetings strive to teach life skills such as personal responsibility, car care, and self-defense.

Typical activities on the Champions Chapter 6 year plan may include:

  • Mother-daughter teas & luncheons
  • Senior Recognition/Presentation events
  • Job Interviews & SAT Preparation
  • First Aid/ CPR
  • Self Defense & Date Rape Awareness
  • Gourmet Cooking & Manners
  • College Budgets/Checkbook Balancing

Leadership Training

The leadership training program of Champions Chapter strives to teach basic leadership skills such as:

  • Parliamentary Procedure
  • Team building
  • Organizational skills
  • Time management
  • Officer training
  • Event Planning